Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and criminalisation of pregnancy

Here’s the storify link: (presentation is better and clearer in Storify where originally compiled)

Back in February I picked up on a Telegraph story ‘Drinking alcohol during pregnancy could be ruled a crime’
Here’s the story:
The case to which the story was linked was soon located:
Think this is the Tribunal decision about why drinking during pregnancy is not a crime 
I tweeted Telegraph story re criminalising pregnant women here  now HT @TheSmallPlaces judgment & reaction coming up
Some commentary from that time:
@TheSmallPlaces @CelticKnotTweet An interesting case, though I would have assumed it would fall down in exactly that spot
@suesspiciousmin @TheSmallPlaces I think argument would have a fighting chance in the US, I hope not here.
@CelticKnotTweet @TheSmallPlaces I think they already do incarcerate in US for this. But unborn child clearly not person in UK
I picked up on a news story about the US angle:
Pretty much don’t go to Tennessee, Iowa, Utah, Louisiana, Florida or South Carolina if you’re a woman of child-bearing age. @CelticKnotTweet
Here’s some of the reporting in advance of the Court of Appeal judgment:
Here’s the judgment itself:
And commentary on it from @suesspiciousmin:


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