Protecting Human Rights in the UK: collated commentary

Just a quick compilation of some of the commentary on today’s Conservative’s Human Rights announcement.

Here is the document itself: “Protecting Human Rights in the UK

Here is it marked up by Carl Gardner @carlgardner at Head of Legal: ““Protecting Human Rights in the UK”: the Tory human rights plan

Commentary from:

Carl Gardner @carlgardner, author of the mark-up above “Full of Sound and Fury on Human Rights

Liberty @libertyhqLegally Illiterate

British Institute of Human Rights @BIHRhuman rightsHuman rights proposals little more than act of vandalism says BIHR

Conor Gearty @ConorGearty in The Guardian “The Tories’ proposal for a British bill of rights is incoherent, but they don’t care

Schona Jolly @WomaninHavana in Huffington Post “The Future of Human Rights in Britain According to the Conservative Party

Dr Mark Elliott @DrMarkElliott on ‘Public Law for Everyone’ “My analysis of the Conservative Party’s proposals for a British Bill of Rights

Angela Patrick at UK Human Rights Blog @ukhumanrightsbIncoherent, incomplete and disrespectful: The Conservative plans for human rights

The Guardian @guardianThe Tories are not interested in sensible reform but in a gesture to appease their rightwing

Added 6th October:

Cian Murphy @cianmurf at UK Human Rights Blog “The Fragility of Human Rights

There is also a good satirical piece from @theintrigantNineteenth Letter to the Lord Chancellor“.

If you think there’s any I’ve missed that should be here, please contact me!

Allan Norman (@CelticKnotTweet) is an independent social worker at Celtic Knot. Between 2006-13 Celtic Knot was also his law firm.


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